Divest Invest Australia/Asia Pacific Conference

The idea for this conference grew from a conversation between an Australian philanthropist and leaders of the Divest Invest movement at the US Environmental Grantmakers Association conference in September 2015. The plan was to reach out beyond philanthropy to all sectors who consider their investment decisions in relation to their mission and constituency: churches, universities, local government, unions and socially responsible investment managers. With divestment becoming a major issue for Australian trusts and foundations the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Association became involved, and extended an invitation to Stephen Heintz, President of divestment pioneers the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, to present the keynote address.

The Climate Institute were approached to host the conference given its longstanding focus on the investment sector. The Climate Institute has pioneered engagement with the superannuation industry, trustees and members for greater transparency and action on climate risk through its Asset Owners Disclosure Project and facilitated Australia's first climate shareholder resolution campaign. The Climate Institute's Sydney base, as well as its reputation as an informed and independent commentator on climate change policy, made it the ideal organisation to take on this role.

Steering Committee:

  • John Connor – CEO, The CIimate Institute
  • Lou O’Halloran - AEGN
  • Sue Mathews – Mullum Trust 
  • Rebecca Mikula-Wright, Project Director 

The Climate Institute

The Climate Institute is Australia's leading climate policy and advocacy specialist.

For 10 years we've focused our work on areas where the potential impact is game changing. 

We connect people who can make a difference with the resources, evidence and ideas that will make a difference. We solve problems.

We are prepared to talk and share the table. We build bridges between people - experts, investors and decision-makers. From grassroots groups to big banks. From the ACTU to the Business Council of Australia. We bring them together to deliver collective impact.

We are clear, credible and authoritative. We have the expertise and the experience. We provide actionable direction. We know how to get things done.

For more information please visit www.climateinstitute.org.au



The AEGN brings together philanthropists who care about the environment and enables them to become better at what they love doing.

Our members co-fund, share networks, go on field trips together, attend private briefings and much more. Above all, our members discover that far more can be achieved through working together than by acting alone.

Established in 2009, we are a member based organisation that aims to help members become more effective environmental grantmakers through information sharing, collaboration and networking.

The AEGN provides the means for environmental grantmakers to:

  • Connect with, encourage and challenge one another
  • Explore environmental issues and grantmaking
  • Promote, diversify and expand environmental philanthropy

For more information please visit www.aegn.org.au

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